September 2011

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HealthBarn USA and Go 4 The Goal partner for Richard's Run Ho-Ho-Kus 5K:  Be fit to help others... Every ounce of energy you bring will help kids with cancer! The post 5K-race event on Sunday, October 2 will definitely be worth the effort, because it will include healthy food choices, family yoga, a DJ, fun and engaging exercises for both adults and children, awards and more. Click here for more information.

Houston Chronicle, August 24, 2011:  Brain foods help send kids to the head of the class:  "Eating nutrient dense-meals and snacks at regular intervals and avoiding processed, sugary foods can boost brain development, improve concentration and give children the energy to make it through a long school day," according to nutritionists and dietitians.  We definitely follow this golden rule at the barn and that's why they included three of HealthBarn USA's recipes, click here to read more and get great ideas for this upcoming school season.

Edible Jersey:  Check out the September e-newsletter that features HealthBarn USA's Whole Wheat Pita Pizza as the Edible Recipe of the month by clicking here

The Relish Dish:  We love the Relish magazine blog by editor Jill Melton because she always features creative ideas for kids!  Check out her recent blog that includes HealthBarn USA and our recipes by clicking here.

HealthBarn USA Television:  Tune in for some wholesome fun by seeing our campers in action.  Each week of camp brings a new experience and final project.  The "Be a Chef" week concluded with opening of The Healthy Place with parents being the first customers, click here.  And, the "Be a Farmer" week had the campers in action selling their hand-grown produce at their very own farm stand for their final activity, click here to see what all the fun is about at the barn!

HealthBarn USA Blog: We have started a blog on our web site that will be updated by Stacey and contributors about their experience at the barn.  We are also posting a photo of the week and recipe of the week. Click here to subscribe and follow all of the action at the barn.

HealthBarn USA Photo Albums: We updated the photo albums on our Web site. Click here to download photos of your children in action!

HealthBarn USA continues to make national news. Click here to visit our media room and view some of our TV highlights!

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Our Favorite Recipes

Tomato Dumpling Soup

It’s tomato season and there is nothing better than Jersey Fresh tomatoes.  The challenge at the barn is that we have an abundance of tomatoes in the garden, but because of the crazy rain — these red beauties don’t “look” the best, but still taste delish!  If you are in the same boat (literally!), we have a yummy solution -- HealthBarn USA’s Tomato Dumpling Soup! Click here for the recipe!

"Thanks for another great camp week at HealthBarn USA.  The kids had a wonderful time and have been very busy making some of your recipes at home.  Just this morning we made zucchini muffins and I'm glad to report that they thought they were as good as yours," a camper mom.

HealthBarn USA Recipe Book!  Looking for healthy recipes that your family will love? Purchase the must-have HealthBarn USA Recipe Book with 101 family-friendly, naturally delicious recipes. We promise you will enjoy eating healthy and learning about nutrition without even trying. 

Please contact us at 201-891-2066 to purchase the one-of-kind HealthBarn USA recipe book!  

Supermarket Spy Kids Report

Bento Lunch Boxes!

We are all about practicing the 3 R's (reduce, reuse, recycle) at HealthBarn USA, so we've been busy replacing the brown bags and all of the Ziploc bags and other garbage they generate.  We love the Bento Lunch Boxes by Laptop Lunches.  They are super colorful, the compartments help our yummy food from becoming soggy or smashed, they are BPA-Free, are made with recycled material in the USA, and they are easy to clean!  You can buy them online or Whole Foods Market.   



Upcoming Events:

Online calendar:  Where in the world is HealthBarn USA?  We have added a calendar of events to our updated Website, so you can easily check our upcoming programming on-site at the barn, in schools and in the community. Click here to check it out.

Year-Round 2011-2012: Healthy-lifestyle scout and school field trips, school assemblies and workshops for adults and teens too!

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What's New at the Barn:


It's Back-to-School Time and We're Serious About Getting a Good Night Sleep!  During summer camp, we got an earful from kids about not getting a good night sleep and why.  The top sleep offenders were:  late night TV viewing in their bedrooms, playing video games (war games are definitely NOT relaxing), bad dreams, and pets or siblings making noise.  Depending on their age, kids need approximately 8-10 hours of sleep each night.  Sleep is as important as experience and eating fruits and veggies, so families need to work as a team to help kids get the rest they need to be their best in school, on the sports field or at home!  Getting a good night sleep is one of HealthBarn USA's 7 healthy habits, so we have some great tips to get you and your family started on establishing a sustainable routine today: 

  • Create Relaxation Time.  It's important to start winding down at least one hour before lights out, to get your body and mind ready for a peaceful night sleep.  
  • Play Soft Music.  The HealthBarn kids loved listening to Native American instrumental music and sounds of nature during their down-time at the barn (you can easily find this music on iTunes), and many liked playing their own instruments to help them relax.  
  • Color Mandalas.  Mandalas are symmetrical designs usually in the form of circle.  It serves as a tool for meditation in many cultures.  When coloring these beautiful designs, kids benefit by improving their concentration and fine motor skills.  At the barn, we found some super cool translucent mandalas  to color and place in the window when they are completed, click here or to download free coloring pages, click here
  • Brush and floss teeth.  Washing hands is important to get rid of germs, but your mouth can really load up with germs and bad bacteria if you’re not brushing and flossing everyday!  Bonus: your heart benefits, too!
  • Sip Herbal Tea.  We are crazy about picking mint and chamomile flowers and steeping them in hot water for an herbal infusion that is ultra relaxing!  
Start Your Bedtime Routine Today!  Contact us to share your sleepy time ideas, so we can let other families know by posts to our blog.

Come Pick Mint at Family Day at HealthBarn USA on Saturday, September 17, 2011: All families are welcome to participate in the HealthBarn USA experience on Saturday, September 17, 2011 from 9:30 - 11:00 a.m. at Abma's Farm, Wyckoff, NJ.  Be a chef by making the famous garden fresh pizza; and be a farmer by harvesting the organic toppings from the garden and composting, too!  Please call 201-891-2066 to reserve a spot. 

Upcoming Programs:

Boost Your Child's Brain Power This Back-to-School Season by Enrolling in HealthBarn USA's Fall Programs: 

If you are a parent who wants:
- Healthy kids who are adventurous eaters,
- Nutritious and great tasting ideas and recipes for what to serve and eat 24/7,
- Green kids who grow and eat their own organic food,
- Simple, fun-to-take steps that will get your family to a happier, healthier place - from a leading voice in family nutrition, come spend the summer with us at the barn!

Don't delay, please click here for more information and enrollment forms. 

Enrolling for HealthBarn USA Fall Programs: "I have never had my daughter talk so much about what she did at camp.  I can't keep her quiet.  There is always a 'and mom we did....'  Thank you all for bringing this experience together for kids.  It is truly a treasure to have her have this experience, and now after looking at the video I want to got to HealthBarn, too," a camper mom. 

Didn't make it to the barn this summer, don't miss out on the cool harvest season at the barn!  Click here to watch HealthBarn USA kids and team in action on The Rachael Ray Show and see firsthand what this experience is all about!
Seedlings, ages 3-5, Sprouts, ages 5-7, Harvesters, ages 5-12, Teens in the Kitchen and Grown-Up's Nutrition 101 classes begin the week of September 19, enroll today by clicking here or call 201-891-2066. 


School Enrichment Programs:

Ready to make a difference in kids' lives?  Partner with HealthBarn USA through our enrichment programs because we make a difference in empowering children to make healthy choices. Our hands-on approach and unique curricula is not only one-of-kind, but also extremely effective in exciting kids and families about making good choices for their health.  Click here for the list of our 2011 offerings in school and at the barn. Here are some highlights:

Life in Sync 501c3 Charity has approved the HealthBarn USA assembly as a program that it will support financially when schools and/or community organizations apply for a grant.  Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity for your students, apply today!

HealthBarn USA hosts out-of-state assemblies!  HealthBarn USA travelled to Sierra House Elementary School in South Lake Tahoe, CA for a day of fun with some serious expert taste testers.  Bring HealthBarn USA to your school district and receive an amazing price package for an experience of a lifetime for students K through 8th grade.  For more information about out-of-state assemblies, please contact Molly Fallon at 201-891-2066 or [email protected]

Healthy Lifestyle School Assembly: Engage your student body in HealthBarn USA's "Try It -- You'll Like It," one-of-a-kind, hands on healthy-lifestyle experience that empowers children of all ages to: try new foods that are nut free, be active, participate in family meals, and much more.  Kids can't get enough of this fun and interactive tasting experience that leaves principals, teachers, parent volunteers and parents at home in awe as kids tempt their taste buds with fruit, vegetables, edamame, cereal without added sugar and so much more!  Click here read the latest testimonials from other schools.

HealthBarn USA School Assembly on YouTube.  If you haven't experienced the assembly LIVE yet, click here to watch the team and kids in action.  Click here for more information about how to schedule an assembly at your school or organization, please click here to contact Molly.


School & Scout Healthy-Lifestyle Field Trips: With nutrition education being a hot topic in schools among administrators, children, the PTO/PTA and parents, our hands-on, one-of-kind field trip is a must-do! The field trip curriculum meets the NJ Core Curriculum Content Standards, 2.1, 2.2, 2.5, 2.6, 5.4, 5.8, 5.10, 8.2 and 9.2. And, the HealthBarn USA experience is a perfect supplement to school curricula.

We are booking school and scout trips for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012 -- don't miss out on this one-of-kind experience.  Click here for more information.

Workshops & After-School Enrichment Programs: The workshop format for classes of 25 students during Wellness, Science, Health or Environmental Days are age-appropriate and cover a variety of topics, click here for more information. Our after-school enrichment programs are very popular with kids because they are fun and create a positive learning experience as an extension to the school day with a hot topic for families. We offered programs at Colonial Road Elementary School and High Mountain Road, Franklin Lakes, NJ and at Gerrard Berman Day School, Oakland, NJ and are now booking for Fall 2011 and Spring 2012. Click here for more information.

Private One-on-One Nutrition Counseling for children, teens and adults. To schedule a one-on-one appointment with Stacey Antine, MS, RD, in New Jersey or New York City, please click here to find out more. 

We are giving you double thumbs up for making the health of you and your family a priority!  We'd love to hear your healthy living stories, please click here to email us! Thank you for reading about HealthBarn USA.  Want to learn more... visit us at the barn!